• The most updated version of the program and the handbook are now  located at the JSLS 2023 website. There will be no printed versions of  both so please download the documents onto your devices in advance for your convenience.
  • On campus, Chuo University’s wifi network service is not available for visitors. Please use the eduroam network if you have access to it. We apologize for any inconvenience. 
  • JSLS 2023 General Meeting will be held at the FG Hall from 11:20-11: 45 am on Sunday, July 9, following the Presidential Address by Tomoko  Matsui, the new President of JSLS. JSLS 2022 awards will be presented at the  start of the General Meeting. 
  • The reception on Saturday, July 9th, has been filled by pre-registered  people. Thus, we will not be able to accept on-site participation for  the reception. Thank you for your understanding.
  • On the 1st day (Saturday, July 8th), only one student restaurant is 
    open on campus, but on the 2nd day (Sunday, July 9th), all the student 
    restaurants are closed. One convenience store is open at the Chuo 
    Daigaku-Meisei Daigaku monorail station.  We recommend that you bring 
    your own lunch to the conference site.